Have an unsightly dent or ding

that makes your car look older or worn out? Or maybe you have a big dent in your bumper from a minor accident that bugs you every time you walk behind your car. When you're searching for "car body repair near me" the company to choose is Colors on Parade!

We offer a variety of car body repair services that will get your vehicle looking sharp again with quick and efficient mobile service. Let's take a look at the fixes we have lined up for your car:

Scratch dent and ding repair

addresses scratches and bumps from other vehicles, landscaping, garage doors and even minor accidents. Our touch-up and scratch removal service erases those blemishes on your vehicle that make it look old and worn out well before its time. We bring the beauty of your vehicle back to life.

Paintless dent repair or PDR

gets rid of minor dents and reshapes the metal to the original position without impacting the factory finish of your vehicle. For dents without paint damage, this service is ideal for your car body repair needs when you want to preserve the factory paint application and protect the resale value of your vehicle.

Bumper repair

fixes those dents and dings from backing into things or someone backing into you. The bumper is reshaped back to the original shape and paint scratches are repaired. We can repair all types of bumper damage including dents, dings, holes and tears. And we do it far more affordably and faster than a body shop.

End of lease repairs

are essential for protecting the resale value of a vehicle you are turning in at the end of a lease. Dents, dings and other damage can cost you serious money when you return your leased vehicle. We repair those scratches, dents, dings and damages to the original condition of the vehicle. We can do all of this without reporting the repairs to Carfax so you can have the repairs done without detriment to your car's history report.

Headlight restoration

is a great option for headlights that have become cloudy or scratched over time. We restore the shine and clarity of the headlight, making your vehicle look new again. Removing the cloudy build-up also increases your safety on the road by making your headlights crisp and clear again with optimal brightness.

Alloy wheel repair

addresses those blemishes from curb rubs and other driving damage. We aim to restore your alloy wheels at a cost-effective price that saves you money from having to invest in new wheels to maintain your vehicle's resale value. From minor scuffs and scrapes to major wheel damage, our professional technicians can restore your alloy wheels to their original condition.

No need to search "car body repair near me" when you have Colors on Parade ready to serve you! From bumper damage, scratches and dents, headlight restoration and even your alloy wheel damage, we have the fix for your car body repair needs. Whether you're at the end of your lease or just want to keep your car looking its best, we have the services you need and the mobile technicians to complete your repairs wherever you need us quickly and affordably.