The Revolution of Recon Management is here.

The CarLove Recon Advantage Program puts you back in control by simplifying processes, eliminating risks and fixing costs for dealerships. Certified technicians provide high quality repairs while corporate support offers consistent pricing and centralized business services. With CarLove, your reconditioning can become a fixed operations profit center.

With the CLRA Program:

  • Increase Preowned Sales

    Increases Preowned Sales by 50% by streamlining operations

  • Decrease Cycle Time

    Decrease Cycle Time and Decrease Overhead Costs Guaranteed with Reconditioning Management Software

  • Profit Center

    Creates Service Drive Profit Center by Increasing Recon Capacity

  • Reconditioning Packages

    Reconditioning Packages including Pre-Owned Dealership Reconditioning services and cosmetic reconditioning

Daily Management

All vendor management completed daily by Colors on Parade

One Billing System

One billing system with one invoice plus a set cost for all reconditioning