When your lease period ends, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is in the best condition possible before you turn it in to the dealership. Doing end of lease repairs before you turn the car back in is important so that there aren’t any surprises when you show up to return it. Colors on Parade is your end of lease repair expert.

End of Lease Repairs | End of Car Lease Damage Repair While it’s not always the case, most end of lease repairs are quick fixes that end up being much more budget-friendly if you take care of them yourself versus leaving them for the dealership. Returning a damaged vehicle can cost you significant fees, even if the damage is minor. Colors on Parade is the expert in SMART end of lease car repairs to fix scratches, dents, dings and other minor damage. SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, a method of repair that allows our technicians to focus on small areas and correct damages without the need to remove the panel. SMART repairs can be done quickly and efficiently and therefore cost significantly less than traditional body shop or dealership repairs.

Another common repair you want to consider before returning your leased vehicle is headlight restoration. How do you know if you should invest in headlight restoration? If your headlights are scratched up, foggy or yellowed, headlight restoration can help bring back the clarity of your headlights and restore them to like-new condition. The average cost for headlight restoration is $150-$200 per pair of headlights. Many dealerships don’t use headlight restoration but rather opt to completely replace headlights that are scratched, yellowed or foggy. Total headlight replacement by the dealership can cost hundreds of dollars up to $1000 for the pair. This is money that could be deducted from the value of the leased vehicle at turn-in.

Why choose Colors on Parade for your end of lease repairs?

  • We use SMART repair technology – saves you money and protects the environment
  • It’s cost-effective – our services are typically a fraction of what traditional body shops and dealerships charge
  • Fully guaranteed – we guarantee our services
  • We’re convenient – our mobile technicians come to you
  • High standards – we’re known for having the highest standards in the industry

Colors on Parade can help you with your end of lease repairs such as scratches, dents, dings and headlight restoration. Our services are affordable, especially when compared to the charges that could be levied by the dealership to make those repairs when you turn in your leased vehicle. Contact your local Colors on Parade location today for more information on our end of lease repair services.