How do I find the Colors on Parade/CarLove that is nearest me?

Use our “Find a mobile tech” map or call 1-800-7-COLORS to find a technician in your area.

How soon can the auto body repair job be completed?

Often we can schedule your service within a few days. Typically, the job will take 3-4 hours depending on the damage but it is always completed in the same day. To get in touch with your local Colors on Parade/CarLove technician, please see the “find a mobile tech” page.

Where does the repair take place?

In most cases, we can come to you. Our mobile technicians will complete a job in your driveway or at your work. If this is not an option, some technicians allow customers to drop their vehicles off at the dealership lot they are working at that day. Please check with your local Colors on Parade/CarLove technician to confirm these details.

How long will it be before I can wash my car following a repair?

We recommend you wait 2 weeks before washing your car following a paint repair.

Will the keys to my vehicle need to be available for a mobile auto body repair?

Yes, the technician will need the keys to access your vehicle and possibly move it depending on the space.

Does my vehicle need to be in a covered area?

No, our technicians perform all repairs out in the elements using Colors on Parade’s patented ecoSMART processes. With that being said, inclement weather such as rain and wind can make auto body repairs difficult. We may have to reschedule a service dependent on weather.

What types of repairs can Colors on Parade and CarLove do?

Our technicians can repair minor scratches, scuffs and dents using our ecoSMART Repair methods. SMART is an acronym for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. It’s a technique for repairing small areas of car bodywork damage. EcoSMART Repairs by Colors on Parade include bumper repair, touch up and scratch removal, paintless dent repair, and headlight restoration.

Will the damage still be visible?

No, you shouldn’t be able to see the damage once the car has been repaired. We aim to get your car looking as good as new. Keep in mind, our expert technicians work out in the elements from a mobile unit; we are not a body shop working in a controlled environment. This can affect the outcome of some repairs.

Will the paint color match?

Yes, with our exclusive paint repair system, we are able to duplicate any car’s original paint.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) consists of repairing dents and dings on vehicles without affecting the original factory condition. Using specialty tools, Colors on Parade’s PDR technicians are trained and certified to reshape a vehicle’s metal back into its original condition without affecting the factory paint finish.

Is PDR offered at all Colors on Parade/CarLove locations?

No. The PDR service is only offered at select Colors on Parade/CarLove locations. Please get in touch with your local technician to confirm whether this service is available or not.

Will I have to wait with my vehicle during mobile service?

No, you don’t need to wait with your vehicle, but please have your car keys available for the technician.

How do I know if my bumper can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced?

When it comes to bumper repair, damage like minor scratches, dents, holes and tears can be fixed saving you time, money and reducing its impact on the environment. Please check out our bumper repair vs. bumper replacement blog for more information.