Strong management and leadership skills, along with an understanding of business planning, financial forecasting, marketing and sales are all necessary qualities of a Colors on Parade Area Developer. Start to build your future with a proven franchise system. Colors on Parade is your opportunity.

In opening your designated marketing area (DMA), you work to establish a client base and recruit Operator Franchisees to service the accounts. As the liaison between the corporate office and the local Operator Franchisees, you are charged with supporting the Operator Franchisees in the following areas:


Technical & Marketing Support

Business Planning

Regulatory & Safety Compliance

You will receive training to handle all these duties and more.

The corporate staff will support you in building your business by:

  • Communicating with you regularly
  • Bring you together with other Area Developers twice a year
  • Keep you informed of new developments, products, and techniques
  • Providing you with phone, e-mail and online support
  • Delivering a national marketing program
  • Serving as a billing and collections agency