RV owners have a love of the open road.

But that open road can come with hazards and incidents that can leave your RV scuffed, scratched and damaged. Those dings and damages can leave your RV looking less than stellar and can detract from your resale value when you're ready to trade for a new one.

We are your SMART repair technicians, which means that we keep repairs to the minimum affected area of damage. We are able to repair minor cracks and holes to your RV exterior right onsite on your time. We come to you to provide the highest quality scratch, paint, and fiberglass repairs without the hassle of body shop wait times or insurance claims.

How can Colors on Parade help protect your RV's resale value?

RV Bumper Repair

Dents, holes and even tears in your bumper can be repaired by our expert bumper repair specialists. Whether you've backed into something or someone else has backed into you, Colors on Parade can repair it like the damage never happened.

Fiberglass and Gel Coat Repair

Our certified and trained technicians are experienced with all recreational vehicles, from small campers to the largest luxury fifth wheels and motor coaches. We repair minor scrapes, scuffs, and holes to your fiberglass and gel coat.

Protect your investment with professional fiberglass damage repair. Our experienced mobile technicians will restore your RV exterior, without the hassle and expense of leaving it with a body shop.

Alloy Wheel Repair

RV enthusiasts that outfit their ride with alloy wheels want to keep those wheels looking brand new for as long as possible. However, hazards on the road can cause chips, scratches and even dents or warping. Colors on Parade keeps your investment in alloy wheels looking like new by repairing those damages caused by the open road.

Headlight Restoration

RV headlights take a beating. They get scratched by road debris and rocks, plastered with bugs, scorched in the sun and pounded by weather. All of this abuse can make your headlights look cloudy, yellowed and dull. Colors on Parade brings your RV's headlights back to life with our headlight restoration service. Headlight restoration makes your RV headlights look new again and helps retain your resale value

If you're an RV owner, chances are that the open road is calling you. Don't hesitate to answer because of the hazards and damages out there on the roads. You CAN enjoy your RV and your adventures to the fullest knowing you have Colors on Parade in your corner to address any damages, dings and dents that might happen while you are out exploring. Colors on Parade has been the top choice for minor exterior repairs for over 30 years. So, go on that journey! With 55 mobile locations across the US, Colors on Parade will be here when you need us to repair those little mishaps that you might encounter along the way.