Dealerships & Fleets

You can count on us for the Highest Quality Reconditioning Services

Dealership programs such as ChipGuard and CarLove Recon Advantage are available to dealerships, fleet operators, and body shops.

All repairs are guaranteed with our Lifetime Warranty.

ChipGuard Paint & Touch-Up Service

  • Unlimited one year paint chip touch-up service
  • Nearly invisible Nanotechnology Door Edge Guards
  • Lifetime warranty on Nano Door Edge Guards
  • Helps to maintain the value of any vehicle
  • Convenient while you wait service provided by Colors On Parade
What is covered in the ChipGuard Program?

ChipGuard services cover chips that are smaller than 1/8th of an inch to cars that are purchased from specific dealerships. While owned by the same person paint touch-ups will consist of the services above at an on site location from a Colors on Parade technician.

What is not covered in the ChipGuard Program?

Scratches, dents, dings and other paint problems are not covered. Paint chips are defined as a small piece of paint (smaller than 1/8 th of an inch) that has come loose from the surface of a car. Download the ChipGuard Contract.

Auto Dealerships

We Can and Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Colors on Parade gets that you need every car to be frontline ready at all times. We understand you want to increase your CSI rating and profits, but still follow EPA guidelines.

For over 30 years, Colors on Parade has succeeded in repairing both domestic and import cars. Specializing programs towards improving; new car sales, pre-owned car sales and service drive.

We partner with you to create a profit center for your business.

  • Our recon management software and full-service billing system helps you decrease overhead costs and streamline operations
  • Reconditioning packages include pre-owned dealership reconditioning services and cosmetic reconditioning services all at a fixed cost.

The Colors on Parade New Car/CSI Program is designed to make the customer’s overall buying experience perfect. For those unsightly scratches and dings in one day Colors on Parade can fix them onsite with a guaranteed Lifetime Limited Warranty. All while improving your CSI.


Colors on Parade’s Used & Pre-Owned Recon Program improves your bottom line by reducing your recon time and cost. We start working immediately.

Time is money. With same-day service and the highest quality repairs in the industry, Colors on Parade reduces cycle time and moves your inventory to the frontline fast – and off the lot even faster.

Increase pre-owned sales 50% by streamlining operations.


With Colors on Parade’s Service Drive Program, you can offer your customers same-day repairs and Colors on Parade will provide services to your dealership.

Not only will Colors on Parade increase profits, but it will increase your service offerings as well! With over 300 franchisees nationwide, contact the one nearest you.

Contact the Colors on Parade franchise location nearest you.

Fleet Operators

Cut Your Repair Time By as Much as 75%!

Onsite Fleet Repair Service! Using the Colors on Parade mobile lab we can bring revolutionary body repair stations to your fleet depot. Since all repairs will be done onsite in the same day, repair time is cut down by as much as 75%.

We have a nationwide team of certified technicians, trained in our recon process, that are not only experts in providing seamless repairs, but they are trained to follow EPA guidelines.

Contact the Colors on Parade franchise location nearest you.

Body Shops

Improve Your Bottom Line… Outsource Minor Cosmetic Repairs

To repair minor cosmetic damages, Colors on Parade wants to be your partner in profit, by providing high-quality, same-day, onsite services in various locations. All performed by PPG- and Colors on Parade-certified technicians who follow EPA guidelines.

  • Paint Repair
  • PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)
  • Interior Repair.

Decrease your overhead costs with our cosmetic reconditioning services. Give us your scuffs, scrapes, plastic bumper damage, small dents, small dings, key scratches, single panel damage, and interior cloth or vinyl damage – we’ll do the rest!

Contact the Colors on Parade franchise location nearest you.