Did you know?

Colors on Parade's expert repair technicians do more than just scratch and dent repair. One of our specialty services is alloy wheel repair. When you get alloy (aluminum) wheels, you're making a major investment in the look of your vehicle. Alloy wheels can absolutely make your car look sharp but when those wheels are damaged, it can have the opposite effect. Whether from an accident or curb damage, a scuffed or dented wheel detracts from the appearance and resale value of your vehicle. Even worse, if left unaddressed, those scratches, chips and dents in your alloy wheels can allow rust and corrosion to set in. Rust and corrosion can cause serious deterioration of the wheel.

How does alloy wheel damage occur?

Driving on gravel or rocks is a significant contributor of chips to alloy wheels. Hitting curbs, poles and potholes can scratch and dent your alloy wheels. Even more serious damage can occur if you have an accident with another vehicle. The expert alloy wheel repair specialists at Colors on Parade can fix it! We specialize in small to medium-sized areas of damage to your car's exterior - including your alloy wheels. That’s called SMART repair- Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, which benefits the environment and your wallet. We work on your schedule without the hassle or expense of a body shop or insurance deductible.

What is the Alloy Wheel Repair Process?

Let's walk through the repair process for alloy wheels.

1. First, we evaluate the damage to ensure we can provide the pristine repair results we're known for.

2. Once we've determined the wheel can be repaired, it's cleaned down thoroughly so the damage can be repaired without flaws from dirt and debris. This also helps us better see the full extent of the damage. We typically repair the wheel without having to remove the tire. We apply protective materials to tires to prevent damage to the actual tire.

3. Depending on the nature of the damage, our specialists might only need to sand down damaged areas, add alloy or metal grade filler and smooth it out by sanding again. In more extreme damage cases, welding and/or CNC machining might be necessary.

4. After the damage is repaired, our specialists finish the repair by priming the area and using custom coloring solutions to apply the appropriate paint or powder coating to match the rest of the alloy wheel. This gives your wheel a like-new finish.

Once the alloy wheel repair is complete, you won't even be able to tell where the damage was! The best part is that our mobile auto repair service comes to you! Your fix is implemented at your home, work or business by our expert auto body repair technicians and specialists using our ecoSMART system. We are prepared to go the extra mile – literally – to make sure you can keep to your schedule while you receive the services you need. Whether you require wheel reconditioning or simply need a few scratches buffed out, the SMART repair experts at Colors on Parade are here to help!