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Fleet Reconditioning

Why choose Colors on Parade for your fleet reconditioning services?

Your fleet vehicles are a visual representation of your business, not only to customers but to every potential customer that sees your fleet vehicles out on the road. 

Dings, dents and scratches reflect poorly on your business because when people see poorly maintained fleet vehicles, they assume the service that company provides is poor as well.

We know that nothing could be further from the truth about your business! So, how do you maintain the best image and impression of your company? 

By having your fleet vehicles regularly reconditioned with Colors on Parade! We remove scratches, dents and dings that would hurt your image and keep your fleet of vehicles looking well maintained.

fleet conditioning service

We’ve got a few really great reasons


Unlike a body shop that could take one or more of your fleet vehicles out of commission for days (or even weeks) while repairs are made, Colors on Parade can implement the fix for those dents, dings and scratches within hours.

This keeps your entire fleet on the road and working for your business. Our repairs are fast, and our technicians can get your fleet vehicles looking great and back on the road in no time.


Keeping up on your fleet reconditioning is affordable when you do it on a regular basis. It also prevents worse damage from occurring. That scratch or dent can begin to rust faster than you think. Once rust sets in, the damage is more extensive and more expensive to fix.

Keeping your fleet of vehicles on a regular schedule of reconditioning services also takes care of damage as it happens. You’ll have fewer fixes each time than if you waited longer to take care of damage across more vehicles all at once, which would give you a heftier price tag.

Regular fleet reconditioning means your dents, dings and scratches are dealt with quickly and affordably.


Colors on Parade services are mobile. Our mobile technicians come to your location to perform dent and scratch repair. This means your fleet is taken care of right on site at your business. No need to have your employees take vehicles to a special provider. We come to you!

Keeping your fleet of vehicles in good condition reflects well on your business and preserves your reputation. People who see your fleet vehicles on the road will be impressed with the care and maintenance of your vehicles and be more likely to form a positive opinion of you and your products or services.

When you have your fleet regularly reconditioned with Colors on Parade, you get a fast, affordable and efficient mobile service that keeps your fleet looking fresh and professional.