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Mobile RV Body Repair

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Superior RV Paint and Fiberglass Repair Services Brought To You

Owning an RV or travel trailer often signifies a passion for exploration, journeying through scenic routes, discovering new horizons, and cherishing memorable moments with loved ones. Yet, the frequent adventures also mean your RV may endure its fair share of wear and tear. 

Every mile traveled might bring the risk of chipped paint, scratched tire rims, or even compromised fiberglass, which can affect not just the visual appeal but also the functionality of your RV.

Mobile RV Body Repair

At Colors on Parade, our dedicated team specializes in cosmetic repairs, particularly catering to minor to moderate areas of damage on your RV. When an adventure has left its mark on your RV’s paint and fiberglass or a minor mishap has scarred its exterior, our fleet of mobile RV repair technicians is at your service. 

Our presence spans nationwide, delivering prompt, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious repair solutions, ensuring your RV remains the ideal companion for your adventures.

For a comprehensive overview of our RV body repair services or to schedule a service, reach out to us at 1-800-7-COLORS today!

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We Bring Our RV Repair Shop To You

Choosing Colors on Parade offers a unique advantage that many traditional auto body shops simply can’t provide: the luxury of convenience. Instead of navigating the hassle of taking your RV to a service center, we bring our expert services straight to your doorstep. 

This not only saves you time and potential added costs but also spares you the inconvenience often associated with repairs.

Our skilled RV fiberglass and paint repair technicians are well-equipped to rejuvenate your vehicle with on-the-spot, same-day repairs. Let us handle the restoration while you focus on planning your next road trip or adventure.

So, whether you’re at a campsite, your driveway, or a storage facility, trust our team at Colors on Parade to deliver impeccable results, bringing back your recreational vehicle’s pristine appearance and prepping it for many more journeys ahead.

Providing Repairs for Individual and Commercial RV’s

At Colors on Parade, our dedication to providing quality repair and restoration services isn’t restricted to just private vehicle owners.

We proudly offer our premium RV body repair solutions to a diverse range of clients, including dealerships, those overseeing vehicle fleets, and other esteemed local collision centers and body shops.

Our comprehensive services cater to both individual and commercial needs, ensuring that every vehicle, regardless of its ownership, gets the meticulous attention it deserves.

Repairs for Individual and Commercial RVs

How Colors on Parade Can Help Protect Your RV’s Value

At Colors on Parade, we specialize in addressing small to medium-scale repairs. Our approach is not just effective, but also efficient – we prioritize getting your RV road-ready swiftly without compromising on quality. Plus, our services are designed to be budget-friendly, ensuring top-notch repairs without placing undue strain on your wallet.

RV Bumper Repair

Bumper damage can detract from your vehicle’s overall appearance. Our team of skilled bumper repair specialists at Colors on Parade stands ready to address and mend these imperfections.

Whether it’s a result of a minor miscalculation on your part or someone else’s oversight that led to an unexpected collision, our team is equipped with the expertise and tools to repair the damage seamlessly, making it appear as though it never happened at all.

RV Fiberglass and Gel Coat Repair

We know that your RV isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s an investment that holds countless memories and future adventures. Whether you’re dealing with minor scrapes, scuffs, or more pronounced damage to your fiberglass and gel coat, our professionals are here to help maintain its value and appearance.

At Colors on Parade, our professional fiberglass and gel coat damage repair services ensure your RV looks its best.

RV Paint Repair

Travel trailers and RVs, while designed for the open road, are not immune to the wear and tear that comes with their adventures. From unpredictable hailstorms to random debris flung up from the roadway to the occasional bumps and nudges that can occur in parking areas, your RV can end up with unsightly paint scratches, chips, or even deeper paint damage.

While minor paint repairs are often straightforward and quick, even the more intricate and challenging tasks are within our realm of expertise at Colors on Parade. Our technicians come prepared with state-of-the-art tools, high-quality materials, and a wealth of experience to handle any RV painting repair challenge.

RV Alloy Wheel Repair

From unforeseen potholes and rogue gravel to stray curbs in unfamiliar terrains, your RV’s alloy wheels can experience unsightly chips, scratches, dents, or even warping over time. At Colors on Parade, we recognize the value you place on your RV and its individual components.

That’s why our commitment is to help you maintain that crisp, fresh-from-the-showroom look of your alloy wheels, regardless of the miles they’ve covered. With specialized equipment, we’ll meticulously address and repair the damages caused by the rigors of the open road, ensuring your investment continues to shine both in value and appearance.

RV Headlight Restoration

The vast open roads that RVs travel come with their own set of challenges, especially for an RV’s headlights. As the first point of contact with the elements, these headlights face the brunt of the journey. Be it from road debris and rocks, remnants of bugs, harsh UV rays from prolonged exposure to the sun, or even inclement weather – each journey writes its story on your headlights.

Over time, this can lead to cloudiness, a yellowed hue, and a general dullness that not only diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your RV but also affects its safety and functionality. Fortunately, with Colors on Parade’s headlight restoration services, you can return your headlights to their original luminosity, both enhancing your RV’s appearance as well as ensuring safety during nighttime drives or low-visibility conditions.

The Importance of EcoSMART Repair Services for Minor Damage

At Colors on Parade, we proudly champion the EcoSMART repair process, which stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. Recognizing the pressing need for sustainability in today’s world, we’ve integrated advanced repair solutions that prioritize minimal environmental impact.

Traditional RV collision repair methods can often contribute to environmental waste by unnecessarily throwing out RV parts and replacing them as well as using harmful paints and chemicals. Our vision is to redefine this landscape, making green repairs the industry standard.

Instead of discarding damaged components and replacing them, we harness cutting-edge tools and techniques to expertly mend and restore the affected area of your RV. This not only results in faster, more cost-effective solutions, but also highlights our unwavering dedication to ecological responsibility.

EcoSMART PDR Services

Check Out Our Other Mobile Services!

Scratch & Dent Removal

Minor irritations like door dings, surface scratches, or hail damage can seriously detract from the visual appeal of your car. 

Fortunately, our mobile crew is ready to offer prompt repair solutions to remove dents and scratches and make you car look showroom-fresh once again.

Headlight Restoration

As vehicles age, a telltale sign is often the state of their headlights. Beyond just aesthetics, these dulled, clouded, or yellowed headlights can compromise road safety by dimming the light output. 

Turn to Colors on Parade to restore your headlights, enhancing both your vehicle’s look and your driving safety.

Paintless Dent Repair

Using the EcoSMART paintless dent repair approach, our team can address those bothersome dents and dings without resorting to elaborate paintworks or changing entire panels.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Experiencing minor scrapes, scuffs, marks, or dents on your alloy wheels? 

Allow our dedicated team at Colors on Parade to expertly repair, mend, and refine your alloy wheels, empowering you to hit the road with pride and a vehicle that radiates perfection from front to back.

Get Back on the Open Road in Style With Colors on Parade

For RV enthusiasts, the allure of the open road is hard to resist. But concerns about potential hazards and unexpected damages can sometimes dampen that spirit of adventure. With Colors on Parade by your side, you don’t need to let these worries hold you back. 

Embrace the joy of the journey, knowing that should any dings, dents, or damages come your way, we’re equipped and ready to address them.

With over three decades in the industry, Colors on Parade stands out as the preferred choice for minor exterior repairs. Our reputation is built on excellence and trust. 

As you set out to create memories and discover new horizons, take comfort in knowing that our network of mobile locations across the nation is available to support you.

Don’t let minor damages slow you down. Trust Colors on Parade for efficient, high-quality auto body repairs and superior customer service, ensuring that your RV always looks its best. 

For a free estimate or to find out more about how our skilled technicians can help restore your RV to its original condition, call 1-800-7-COLORS today!