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How are We Smart Technology?

Colors On Parade is your SMART Repair Provider: How are We S.M.A.R.T.?

When it comes to repairing a damaged car, you want to choose a provider that is knowledgeable, efficient and offers the best solutions for your needs. Colors On Parade is one such provider, having established itself as a leader in the SMART repair industry.

What does SMART mean? It stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, and it is the future of dent and scratch repair. But being SMART also means more than that, and in this blog post, we will explore the different ways that Colors On Parade is Smart.

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1. SMART technology - Small to Medium Area Repair Technology

One of the primary ways that Colors On Parade is SMART is through its use of Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, or SMART technology. SMART technology is an innovative technique used to repair dents, dings and scratches on vehicles.

It takes less time, resources and money than traditional repair methods, and the best part is that the repairs are virtually invisible! Colors On Parade’s trained and certified technicians can repair damage in just a few hours, and you can drive away with a car that looks like new.

2. Our EcoSmart system - Follows or exceeds EPA Guidelines

At Colors On Parade, we not only care about your vehicle’s aesthetic, but we also care about the environment. That’s why we use an EcoSmart system that follows or exceeds EPA guidelines.

Our cleaning products are biodegradable, our paints are water-based, and we recycle everything we can. Unlike traditional repair shops, we make it our responsibility to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint. With Colors On Parade, you can rest assured that your repair won’t negatively impact the environment.

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3. SmartMatch paint technology by Sherwin Williams - Paint matching technology ensures your paint matches and provides a flawless finish

The third way Colors On Parade is SMART is through our use of SmartMatch paint technology by Sherwin Williams. With this technology, we can match your vehicle’s paint precisely, providing a flawless finish. SmartMatch technology can recreate any color, whether it’s a rare custom color or an exact match to your existing paint. With a Sherwin Williams-backed guarantee, you can trust that your paint job will be top quality and long-lasting.

Colors On Parade is SMART in many ways. Our use of SMART technology means your car will be repaired quickly and seamlessly. Our ecosmart system ensures that your repair won’t harm the environment. Our use of SmartMatch paint technology ensures that your car looks brand new, with a perfect paint match and flawless finish.

Trusting your vehicle to Colors On Parade means getting a repair that is not only convenient and reliable but also environmentally friendly. So, choose the SMART solution and get in touch with Colors On Parade today for all your repair needs.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee

Colors On Parade provides SMART Repair services, including Paint Repairs, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), Restoration Services and Cosmetic Structural Repairs. Our professional service technicians provide stress free, easy, affordable and reliable automotive services. Our goal is to repair your vehicle so damage is no longer visible.

We grade our service response time, price, professionalism and quality of work. Services performed by our expertly trained technicians are reviewed to ensure high-quality work.

All customer reviews submitted are monitored by our staff. We work with you to satisfy your concerns to ensure a great customer experience and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Didn’t receive the quality of work you expected from us? Contact us and we’ll work to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.