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8 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Car Lover in Your Life

Whether they’re a gearhead or just a hobby car enthusiast, you probably know at least one person who would really appreciate getting a car-related gift. Since it can be hard to find gifts that relate to someone’s interests, we thought we’d make your holiday shopping a bit easier with this list of eight gift ideas perfect for the car lover in your life.

1. Car Mats and Seat Covers

A set of new floor mats and/or seat covers is generally easy to find and will easily spruce up any car interior that needs a little upgrade.

2. Auto-Detailing Kit

If you have a friend who’s always cleaning their car inside and out, an auto-detailing kit is the perfect gift for them. It’ll help them keep their car looking nice for months to come without needing to spend tons of money on professional detailing services.

3. Car Air Fresheners

Steering clear of scented candles and plug-ins? A simple pack of oil diffusers will do just fine when it comes to filling up your car with a nice scent instead (and they’re much better for the environment, too).

4. First-Aid Kit

Make sure your friend’s never left stranded on the side of the road with a little gift that could save their life: a first-aid kit designed for cars. It’ll come in handy whether they’re camping far from civilization or need to help themselves while stuck in traffic after an accident (or even if they don’t and just want peace of mind).

5. Dashboard/Car GPS Holder

The best gift for someone who uses their phone as their main source of navigation? An in-car mount, of course! It’ll keep their phone (or even their tablet) secure and within view as they drive down the road (so they never miss an update on which turn to take next).

6. Car Vacuum

If you’ve got a friend who loves keeping their car spotless inside and out but hates lugging around heavy cleaning equipment with them everywhere, gift them with a small handheld vacuum for cars. They can use it to quickly suck up any mess that falls onto the floor or gets caught in uncomfortable crevices.

7. Digital Tire Gauge

Everyone needs to check their tires once in awhile, so why not gift your car-loving friends with an awesome digital tire gauge? It’ll come in handy when they need to air up their tires or just check that the pressure is up to par.

8. Colors on Parade Gift Card 

If you have a friend with a dent, scratch or ding, you can give them the gift of mobile repair service from a Colors on Parade location near them (in participating locations only- call for details). They can also use their gift card in participating areas only for other services such as headlight restoration or bumper repair.

What can you get for the car enthusiast in your life? Colors on Parade’s handy list of great car-related gifts is sure to help you find the right gift for any car lover.  Happy shopping!