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April is National Car Care Month: Keep Your Car Looking and Running Great!

April is National Car Care Month! Whether you love spending time caring for your car or you just do the basics, this is the month to step it up a notch and give your car the care and maintenance that will keep it looking good and running great! Here’s a handy list for you to keep your car in great shape.

1. Don’t skip regular maintenance! Regular maintenance like oil changes, new air filters and new windshield wipers are key to keeping your car running great. When you hit major milestones, don’t forget about transmission service and the bigger maintenance items too. Those are just as important in keeping your car running its best for you at all times. If you tend to forget about regular service, put it on your calendar for every three to five months, depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Keep it Clean! A clean car is a healthy place to be. Cars can collect dust, debris, bacteria and even mold if they aren’t properly cleaned on a regular basis. This goes for the inside AND the outside. The outside of your car needs to be cleaned too (and no, rain isn’t good enough). Dirt and pollen and other gunk that collects on your car’s exterior can ruin your paint job and create ways for water to infiltrate the paint and cause rust underneath. It’s also important that your undercarriage gets a good cleaning after the winter season (or more frequently if you live in a coastal area with salty rain) as the salt and other deicers can eat away at the parts under your car over time.

3. Wax it Up! April is the perfect time for a protective coat of wax. Wax does more than just make your car shine. Wax also helps protect your car’s finish and prevents rust and damage from debris.

4. Repair Scratches and Dents! April is a great time to repair any scratches or dents that have happened throughout the year. From fender benders to collisions with carts, scratches and dents can really make your car look much older and worn down than it really is. Those scratches and dents can also let water infiltrate the paint and cause rust and other damage. You can avoid the body shop with a mobile scratch and dent repair service like Colors on Parade.

5. Restore Headlights! Dull, yellow and dingy headlights make your car look old and in disrepair. The great news is that you can have your headlights restored to their former brightness! Colors on Parade offers headlight restoration services to make your old, cloudy headlights look like new again.

This year for National Car Care Month, you can make sure your car is running great and looking great with this handy list. Celebrate all your car does for you and get it prepped for the hot summer ahead!