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Benefits of Regular Fleet Reconditioning

Maintaining fleet vehicles is essential for businesses that rely on fleet vehicles to stay in operation. Fleet reconditioning services provide the perfect solution for fleet upkeep, addressing scratches, dings and dents with a cost-efficient and timely approach. Let’s look at why benefits of regular fleet reconditioning should be part of your fleet maintenance plan:


One of the most attractive benefits of fleet reconditioning is its cost efficiency—it is significantly cheaper than traditional repair methods such as body shop repairs. Fleet reconditioning services can be completed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.


Fleet reconditioning services are incredibly timely. Mobile fleet reconditioning teams come directly to you and complete fleet scratch and dent repair right on site in a matter of hours or less. This helps fleet businesses stay up and running as quickly as possible with minimal downtime.


Mobile fleet services will come to your location to perform fleet repairs and maintenance. This saves precious time (and money) that would otherwise be spent transporting vehicles between multiple locations for repairs.

Preserves Your Reputation:

As mentioned above, fleet vehicles are an essential part of businesses. By keeping fleet vehicles in pristine condition, you are preserving your professional image and protecting the reputation of your business.

Prevents Worse Damage from Occurring:

Fleet reconditioning helps to prevent further damage from occurring on fleet vehicles by correcting minor blemishes such as dings and dents before they become bigger problems. This not only keeps fleet vehicles looking sharp but also ensures fleet safety for employees who drive them.


Fleet reconditioning services use ecofriendly materials and processes in order to minimize environmental impact. This makes fleet reconditioning a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while still maintaining fleet upkeep.

Colors on Parade is the trusted partner for fleet reconditioning services. We offer cost-efficient, timely, mobile fleet reconditioning that preserves your reputation, prevents worse damage from occurring, and does so in an ecofriendly way. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your fleet vehicles looking their best!