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Break the cycle of cliché gifts this year and give your mom something that will have the neighbor jealous!

It’s that time of year again! You know, the time of year where you are so busy that you wait until the very last minute to get your mother that perfect gift. Don’t worry; we completely understand how life can be but it’s time to step your game up. Sure your mom loves the flowers and candy but how about getting her something that she actually needs? What better way is there to do that than to spruce up her car a.k.a your mode of transportation for the first part of your life? Here are some quick and easy ways you can pay your mom back for all those years of picking you up after school.

Mother's Day Blog Colors on Parade
Dent and scratch repair

Remember that summer when you finally got your learners permit? The world was almost yours, all you had to do is learn how to parallel park. Sadly that car behind you was a little closer than you thought. The other car was fine but your mom’s bumper was a different story. Here at Colors on Parade our Paint Repair System can fix minor surface damage from panels to bumpers to hoods and decklid. We can provide quick, affordable, and virtually undetectable repairs on all makes and models plus you don’t have to come to us to get it repaired because we come to you!

Interior Repair

A queen wouldn’t have a rip on her throne so neither should your mom. Over the years, the interior of your mom’s car have been through a lot and rips are bound to happen. Our team has been trained to restore vinyl, leather, plastic, and other surfaces. The intensive training program for interior repair includes tinting and blending techniques that guarantee high-quality service.

Clear Coat repair

After several Mother’s Day of car washes being her gift that new car shine may be starting to get a little dull thanks to all the little scratches that you probably didn’t know you were making. The clear coast is very important because it protects your base paint from fading which gives the car a worn down look and decreases its value. We can help to restore the clear coat to that original shine that caught your mom’s eye in the first place.

Break the cycle of cliché gifts this year and give your mom something that will have the neighbor jealous. There’s nothing like the feeling of riding around in a fully restored car and your mom deserves nothing short of the best. Together we can may this Mother’s Day, one to remember!

Mother's Day Blog Colors on Parade

Mother's Day Blog Colors on Parade