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Colors On Parade Mobile Dent & Paint Repair vs. The Other Guys

When you need a dent or paint repair, you might be wondering who to choose for your vehicle repair. There are likely lots of options in Google searches and with so many options, how do you narrow it down? How do you know which service is right for you? Colors on Parade mobile dent and paint repair service has several benefits that those other guys can’t compete with.

We’re mobile!

Our dent and paint repair technicians are mobile. This means we come to you, you don’t come to us. Our mobile service will meet you at your home, your work or anywhere you need us to. We make your repair convenient for you by coming to you for your fix.

We’re affordable!

We offer competitive prices for your scratch, dent and ding repair. We’re affordable and keep your cost low while using top quality materials and techniques.

We’re EcoSmart!

Colors on Parade uses EcoSmart technology to perform your repair in the most environmentally friendly and safe way. The SMART in EcoSmart stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. What does that mean? That means the highest quality repairs with the least environmental impact possible. We really do care about our environment and use advanced technology to meet the environmental needs of communities across the United States.

We’re highly trained!

Our highly trained technicians go through rigorous training to bring you the very best in dent, scratch and ding repair. When you trust Colors on Parade, you can rest assured that your technician is one of the best trained in the business!

We have other services!

We have more services to help your vehicle look its best. For example, our headlight restoration service removes cloudiness from headlights and restores them back to their crystal clear like-new state. We offer a range of services that take care of any blemish on your car from bumper to bumper.

Want to learn more about our services and how we can help your vehicle look like new? Give us a call or visit our website. We’ll be here when you need us!