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Common Types of Damage Caused By Car Washes

A car wash is a convenient way to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness and save you time. Unfortunately, those automatic mechanical car washes that we see on every street corner may not be as gentle as they appear. Although they do a good job of cleaning vehicles, they can also do more harm than good. Noticing broken mirrors or dented wheels after a car wash can be a frustrating experience. Here, we explore the common types of damage caused by car washes.

1. Broken Mirrors:

Mirrors can break or become misaligned if hit by the brushes or other automated equipment. The high-pressure water jets used to clean the car can also damage the mirror’s exterior, causing cracks or shattering.

2. Bent or Broken Windshield Wipers:

Wipers help drivers maintain visibility while driving in rainy weather. During car washes, however, the automated brushes can create pressure on the wiper blades, causing them to become misaligned, bent or even break off. To keep your wipers functioning properly, it’s recommended to turn them off before entering the car wash.

3. Swirl Marks in the Paint:

Swirl marks in the car’s paint can occur due to improper washing procedures or equipment. Scrubbing too hard or using rough devices, like sponges or brushes, can damage the car’s paint and leave behind circular marks. These can be virtually impossible to remove, and the car will likely require repainting.

4. Scratches and Chips in the Paint:

We usually protect our cars from weather, debris and other outdoor elements, however, a trip through a mechanical car wash can introduce all sorts of foreign particles to the car’s paint. Brushes that touch other vehicles during the car wash can pick up debris that can transfer onto your car, resulting in superficial scratches and chips in the paint. The longer these scratches go untreated, the more likely they will worsen and begin to rust.

5. Scratches, Nicks and Dents on Wheels:

Car wash facilities often have an automated conveyor track that pulls your car through the wash. Sometimes, that track can scratch or damage the wheel rims, leaving unsightly nicks and dents. Plus, the wheel edges may hit the track, causing ugly scuff marks on the inner part of the rims. Many car washes also use harsh chemicals that can damage the wheels, causing corrosion and rust over time.

Car washes might be convenient, but they can be damaging to your car in the long run. Colors on Parade is your ideal solution to paint and wheel damage caused by car washes. We are experts in mobile auto repair services and can fix the damage on-site. We provide personalized attention to each customer’s car, ensuring the job is done quickly and correctly. So, if you’ve experienced any car wash damage to your paint or alloy wheels, contact us- we are here to help!