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Franchise Spotlight: Chattanooga Social Media Performance

Justin Sloan, Area Developer of Chattanooga, TN, manages the Facebook and Instagram pages for Colors on Parade Chattanooga and has continued to grow his online presence with fun, engaging social media content. We had a quick chat with Justin to get the inside scoop on his success utilizing social media to build his business.


1. How much has social media impacted your business?

“Social media has had an impact on our business even when we haven’t pushed it as hard as we could. The efforts from corporate have made an impact too. When we think to ask how someone heard about us, the typical response so far has been Google or Facebook. We look forward to boosting more posts to see what further responses we can get.”


2. Can you give us a time where social media has helped you make a sale or gain a new customer?

“We show customers the various repairs we have done and the variety as well. This has led to painting all sorts of things. From RV’s, to antique playground equipment, boats, Segways, guitars, skateboards, painting for construction companies, etc. It really adds validity to what we do.”


3. What’s your favorite part about contributing on social media?

“I enjoy creating content. It is really enjoyable to think of ways to make things interesting. Whether it’s using video, time lapse videos, before/after shots, slow-mo…There are lots of ways to draw people in and get them to think of us when they need a repair. And have some fun while doing it.”


4. How has social media given you a competitive advantage?

“Social media advertising is the new norm. If we don’t keep up with that…we are really falling behind. Every business must have a presence on social media. Because we never really know who is watching us and what that connection could lead to. Maybe a new customer..or a large account.”


5. What tips would you give to other Franchisees that are trying to get more involved on social media?

“Make sure that you are constantly aware of getting content. Take various photos/videos before, during, and after. You can’t share it, if you don’t have it. (I have had the bad habit of not getting the before picture…and I only took the during and after.) Since there is every demographic on social media…from novice to expert in every line of work…make sure that your repair looks professional throughout the entire process. Finally, take time to make your post look good. Correct lighting, no weird reflections, setup and layout is on point.”


Justin shared this video on his Instagram page in November 2020 which resulted in several positive reviews and brought in a handful of new retail customers. Check it out!