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Get Your Vehicle Road-Trip Ready for the Holidays

Getting your vehicle road-trip ready for the holidays can be a big task, but this checklist from Colors on Parade will help you get the job done!

Road Trip Checklist

  • You should look over all of your tires for wear and tear. Check the pressure on each tire because driving on even partially-deflated tires can cause serious damage (like blow outs). If they have any visible tread wear issues or damage, then it is important to have them replaced before your trip.
  • You should also check your lights before road-tripping. You can usually do this by turning on your parking lights, turn signal lights and your headlights. If any of your lights are not working properly, it is important to have them fixed before your trip because driving with faulty brake lights, headlights or turn signals can be quite dangerous.
  • If your wiper blades are old or have large cracks/holes in them, then it would be best to replace them before road-tripping because poorly functioning wipers can cause accidents. You can also buy special windshield fluid that prevents smudging caused by road salt.
  • Make sure you have these road trip essentials on hand in your vehicle in case of emergency: jumper cables, spare tire, tire iron (lug wrench), car charger for your cell phone(s), roadside flares or reflectors for emergencies, emergency road kit that includes a flashlight with new batteries, first aid kit, blanket or sleeping bag, extra hat and gloves, snacks and water just in case you’re stranded for longer than expected.
  • Another important thing to do before road-tripping is to make sure your vehicle’s fluids are at the correct levels. Fluid levels can dramatically impact the safe and proper operation of your vehicle.
  • Your engine oil level should also be checked before road-tripping because a low oil level can greatly reduce fuel economy.
  • If you are road-tripping with kids, then it is also important to make sure they are road-trip ready. Kids should wear seat belts at all times when in the car for safety purposes. If your child is over 40 pounds and under 12 years old (too big for a standard car seat) then it might be worth investing in a booster seat, which will ensure that your child’s seatbelt fits properly.
  • If it’s snowy and icy where you live or will be traveling to, then you should also know that road salt can corrode your car. This means that you should plan to wash your car immediately after your road trip, making sure to use a pH balanced soap because road salt can be very caustic. Pay special attention to your wheels because road salt will eat away at aluminum alloy wheels.

This checklist will have you road-trip ready for the holidays. And if you get in a jam and need a quick mobile dent or scratch repair, keep Colors on Parade in mind – there’s sure to be a mobile technician near you!