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MOPARs at the Beach 2014 – Myrtle Beach, SC

MOPAR lovers from across the southeast flooded Myrtle Beach the week of August 9-16, 2014. Colors on Parade, Myrtle Beach participated as an event sponsor. The sponsorship included participating in events each day of the week from Concerts at the House of Blues to Drag Racing at the Speedway and Two Car Shows with 200-300 attendees at each event. Local franchisees and corporate staff joined efforts to make a big impact at every event.

Through the sponsorship and event participation, Colors on Parade staff were able to rub elbows with car enthusiasts, innovative painters and detailers, dealership owners and managers and successful business developers. This event increased brand awareness, credibility and value. The Colors on Parade brand was extremely visible every day of the rally and participants were educated on our technical expertise, environmental standards and business opportunities. In addition, car enthusiasts were able to share their passion with the team from Colors on Parade, connecting our brand on a deeper emotional level.

Overall, this was a very successful event. It was a great place to connect with potential customers and recruit new business owners at a fairly low cost. The corporate office will be compiling some research on other opportunities across the country. Feel free to contact Claire ( or Wayna ( with any questions.

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