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Must-Know Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Winter is almost here, and it’s time to prepare your car for the cold months ahead. However, it can be challenging to change over all of your car’s systems during the winter season. At Colors on Parade, your mobile autobody, scratch and dent repair service, we’ve come up with a list of winter car maintenance tips that will keep your car running safely during the upcoming cold weather.

1) Check Your Battery

Your battery makes it possible for your engine to start up. You can tell if your battery needs attention if it’s difficult or impossible to start your car no matter how whether you press on the gas pedal (it’s not the engine or transmission), if headlights dim when you turn on your car or if electrical accessories are experiencing problems.

2) Check Your Wipers

Keeping your windshield wipers in good condition is necessary to keep winter weather at bay. If they’re streaking excessively during rainfall, they need replacement. Also consider installing winter wipers. The rubber squeegee of winter wipers helps them wipe away snow and ice instead of pushing this frozen precipitation across your windshield like standard wipers do.

3) Check Your Tires

Just as summer tires don’t provide enough traction on winter roads, tires won’t offer enough grip if their tread is too worn. Look for embedded winter tire wear bars in the grooves of winter tires to see if your treads are still good enough to carry you through winter’s harshness.

4) Check Your Brakes

Winter driving can lead to dangerous situations when poor visibility, slippery roads, and low temperatures combine with faulty brakes. If your brake lights don’t stop flashing after your foot presses down on the pedal or you hear a grinding noise every time you press the brake pedal, it’s time to have your brakes checked.

5) Check Your Washer Fluid Reservoir

As washer fluid freezes at a lower temperature than water, winter car maintenance tips recommend using low temperature approved washer fluid and checking your washer fluid reservoir every couple of weeks.

6) Check Your Oil and Filter

Winter poses a variety of challenges for your vehicle’s oil system. Cold weather can reduce its flow as well as winter road grime. Check your engine oil level weekly if you’re driving in winter conditions to make sure there’s enough oil in the engine. If you’re using synthetic oil, it’s recommended to winterize your vehicle by switching to a lighter viscosity grade of oil.

7) Check Your Air Filter

Just as winter makes it harder for your oil system and battery to do their jobs, winter can also create harsh conditions for your air filter because humidity reduces its ability to block dirt and debris from entering the intake manifold. Replace your air filter if it’s dirty. It’s an inexpensive service that won’t cost you much time or money but is a big benefit when winter comes around.

At Colors on Parade, we care about your car all year long and in every season. We hope these winter maintenance tips help you keep your car running smoothly this season. And if you happen to have a winter mishap, we’ll be there when you need us.