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Protecting Your Paint in the Wintertime

Winter can be especially harsh on paint jobs. From salt and deicer chemicals to harsh weather conditions, your car’s exterior is constantly under attack. These hazards can cause significant damage to your car’s paint, causing damage and even corrosion. The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect your car’s finish from winter damage. Here, we’ll provide you with tips to help you protect your paint, no matter what the winter can throw at you!

1. Wash your car regularly

One of the most important things you can do to protect your car’s paint in the winter is to wash it regularly. Salt and deicer chemicals can be incredibly damaging to your car’s finish and washing them off as soon as possible is essential. When you wash your car, be sure to use a soap that is designed for cars and avoid using dish soap or other harsh cleaners that can strip away protective coatings. Also, be sure to rinse your car thoroughly after washing to remove any remaining salt or chemicals.

2. Wax after washing

After washing your car, apply a coat of wax to provide an extra layer of protection. Wax helps to seal in the paint and protect it from damage caused by salt and other corrosive substances. Waxing provides an additional barrier between your paint job and the harsh winter elements and can make all the difference in protecting your car’s appearance.

3. Use a broom or soft brush to remove snow

When it comes to removing snow from your car, avoid using a shovel or sharp object that can scratch the paint. Instead, use a broom or soft brush to sweep away the snow. Be gentle and take your time to avoid causing any damage.

4. Have rust spots, scratches and dents repaired before the snow flies

Before winter sets in, be sure to have any rust spots, scratches or dents repaired. Such damage can make your car more susceptible to further harm from wintertime elements. Ignoring the damage can lead to more extensive and costly repairs later on. Make any necessary exterior repairs before snow and ice hits to prevent further damage.

5. Park in a garage or carport, if possible

One of the best ways to protect your car’s paint job during wintertime is to park in a garage or carport if possible. This will protect your car from snow, ice and other harsh weather conditions.

6. Use a car cover when parking outside

If you can’t park your car in a carport or garage, consider using a car cover. This can help protect your car from snow, ice and other wintertime elements. Look for a cover that is made specifically for your car make and model to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection.

As a car owner, taking care of your vehicle is essential, especially during the winter months. Following these tips will help protect your car’s paint job from damage caused by salting, deicer chemicals, harsh weather and more. Colors On Parade is your go-to SMART source for mobile scratch and dent repair. We’re here to help with any minor exterior repairs you need, both before and after wintertime.