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Spring Cleaning your Set of Wheels

Winter can be rough on our cars. Now that spring is here and the potholes, salted roads, up and down temperatures and ice have passed, it’s time to give your car an overhaul from the inside, out. We’ve got a few tips on how to get started and make your car look great for cruising around.

Take out the trash.

We won’t name any names, but some people are not as tidy as others when it comes to keeping the inside of the car clean. In the colder months, this seems to get even worse. It’s best to start by cleaning up all of the trash and unwanted things that have been piling up in the backseat, trunk and on the dashboard.

Suck up the crumbs.

Whether you use your at-home vacuum or take a few quarters to the local car wash machine, sucking up all of the crumbs, dirt, salt, and dog hair is a must to keeping your car looking, and smelling great. Start from the top and work your way down. Don’t forget to take those floor mats out for a quick pass too. Plus, if you have a screwdriver or dull butter knife you can work the excess dirt out of the interior creases.

Scrub the Mats.

Floor mats take a good beating in the wintertime. They get covered in salt, snow and all of the wintery-mixes in between. After a vacuum, carpeted mats need a good power washer to get all the salt and dirt out. Just make sure that you let them dry all the way before putting them back in the car or you will start to grow a moldy stench.

Wipe down the windows.

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They might look clean, but after months of foggy windows, you may be used to the cloudy view. Clean your windows with a good car-window cleaner on the inside and outside. Don’t use anything ammonia-based because it will actually make them worse – save the Windex for your house.

Rinse your ride.

Just like the inside, start with the top and work your way down. This prevents dirt from moving around to different places. While washing the exterior rinse frequently to keep streaks and soap marks from sticking around.

While you are spending some quality time with your car, if you happen to notice anything that needs an extra hand like a scratch, ding or knick in the paint, give us a call to help finish the clean up.

If you clean up your car this spring season, make sure to take before and after photos and post them on our Facebook page!