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The Benefits of SMART Repairs by Colors On Parade

When it comes to repairing minor exterior damage on vehicles, the traditional way is to repaint the entire panel, which is not only costly but also requires a lot of time and resources. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when you only need to fix a small scratch or dent. Fortunately, Colors On Parade offers SMART Repair technology, which means that we make small to medium area repairs quickly and efficiently. This technology is eco-friendly as it helps minimize waste, reduces VOC emissions and is energy efficient. Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of SMART Repair technology by Colors On Parade.

1. Reduced Cost:

One of the advantages of using SMART repair technology is that you can fix small areas of damage, which reduces the cost of repairing vehicles. You only pay for the repair of the affected area, which is less expensive than painting an entire panel. This technology allows us to make small repairs quickly and at a much more affordable cost.

2. Customized Color Matching:

Another benefit of SMART repair technology is that Colors On Parade uses SMARTmatch color matching technology. This process ensures that your car’s color is perfectly matched, giving you a seamless, smooth and professional finish. This is instrumental in making the repaired area blend in with the rest of the car.

3. Time efficient:

Unlike the traditional repair methods, where you have to leave your car at the shop for several days, SMART repair technology can be completed quickly. In most cases, small repairs are done within a few hours, which means that you can get back on the road in no time. This is because only the affected area is repaired, so the repair process is quicker and requires less time.

4. Eco-friendly:

The SMART repair process is eco-friendly. The ecosmart system by Colors On Parade reduces the emission of VOCs, minimizes waste, meets and exceeds EPA requirements and standards, and saves energy. Our turbine spray systems minimize the loss of paint to the atmosphere, which ensures proper and efficient use of resources.

5. Durability:

SMART repair technology is not just a cost-efficient method, but it also ensures that the repairs are durable. This is because Colors On Parade uses high-quality paints and materials that are specially formulated for SMART repairs. This means that the repaired area can last just as long as the rest of the car, giving you peace of mind and saving you money in the long run.

SMART Repair technology by Colors On Parade is an excellent option that vehicle owners should consider when they need repairs. It’s cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and provides fast, high-quality and durable repairs. The SMARTmatch color matching technology ensures a perfect color match for your vehicle, leaving you with a seamless finish. At Colors On Parade, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service, and our SMART repair technology is proof of that. We invite you to try it today and see the difference for yourself.