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Top 10 Culprits that Could Lead to Scratches on Your Vehicle

Are you noticing scratches on your vehicle and wondering where they came from?

Look no further – we have compiled a list of the top 10 culprits that could lead to scratches on your vehicle.

1. Weather:

From hailstorms to windy days, Mother Nature can definitely leave her mark on your vehicle in the form of dings and scratches.

2. Hedges and bushes:

Who knew that innocent plants could do so much damage? Driving too close to hedges or scraping against overgrown bushes can cause scratches on your vehicle’s paint job.

3. Loose rocks or stones:

Whether it’s from gravel roads or construction trucks, loose rocks and stones can easily fly up and scratch your vehicle’s paint.

4. Other drivers:

Unfortunately, not everyone is a careful driver – some may open their car doors carelessly or even purposely key your vehicle.

5. Dead bugs and bird droppings:

Both of these can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint if left on for too long without being cleaned off properly.

6. Kids:

Whether it’s from their bike handlebars scraping against the side of your vehicle or using sidewalks as a canvas for their chalk art, kids can definitely be responsible for scratches on cars.

7. Construction sites:

The debris at construction sites can easily scratch your vehicle if you drive too close to the site.

8. Car washes:

While it’s important to regularly wash your vehicle, be careful of automated car washes that may have rough brushes or harsh chemicals that can cause scratches in your paint job.

9. Scraping the front bumper on pavement:

When parallel parking or pulling into a tight spot, it’s easy to scrape the front bumper against the pavement and leave behind scratches.

10. Using abrasive cleaners or dirty cloths to clean your vehicle:

It’s important to use gentle cleaning products and microfiber towels in order to avoid causing scratches while hand washing your vehicle.

Top 10 Culprits that Could Lead to Scratches on Your Vehicle. No matter where the scratches on your vehicle came from, Colors on Parade can help repair them with our mobile paint technology and service. We offer paintless dent repair for those deeper dents, preventing the need for replacing entire panels. Whether it’s a ding, a dent or a scratch, we can repair it and have your vehicle looking like new again!