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Top 5 Causes of Bumper Scuffs

Bumper scuffs are a common eyesore on cars. They are frustrating to see, and the fact that they usually happen accidentally only adds to the frustration. You may have tried different techniques to avoid these scuffs from happening, but some of them still occur. Here, we will discuss the top 5 causes of bumper scuffs, helping you understand why they happen and, hopefully, how to avoid them.

1. Rear-end accidents:

Rear-end accidents are one of the major causes of bumper scuffs. When you brake hard, the car behind you may not be able to stop on time, thus hitting the back of your car. This could lead to dents and scratches on the bumper and other areas of the car. To avoid this, always maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, especially in high traffic areas or when driving in bad weather.

2. Rocks and dirt:

Driving on gravel roads or roads with a lot of debris, your car can easily pick up rocks or debris that can damage the paint and cause scuffs on your bumper. Generally, driving in dusty or muddy conditions could negatively impact the paint of your vehicle. Strong winds can exacerbate the problem by causing a sand-blasting effect with loose dirt and debris. Covering your car or storing it inside a garage can help.

3. Backing into things:

Another common cause of bumper scuffs is backing into things, such as poles, garage doors or kid’s toys left in the driveway. To prevent this from happening, always park in a way that allows you to have an unobstructed view of what is behind and around your car. Likewise, if you know that your kids like to play in the driveway, remind them to pick up their toys after they’re done.

4. Car parking lots:

Shopping carts and careless drivers backing up can also cause scuffs and bumps to your bumper while your car is in a parking lot. To avoid accidents from other drivers, always park in a spot with lots of space around it, and preferably away from high traffic areas. Also, don’t park near cart corals to avoid damage from wayward carts.

5. Parallel parking blunders:

Parallel parking is one of the most difficult parking maneuvers and poses a significant risk to your car. It is easy to bump into the car in front or behind you when parallel parking. Always use your side mirrors and perform movements slowly and carefully when parallel parking.

Bumper scuffs can be a real bummer, but they can be avoided by taking some basic precautions. Always drive carefully, park your car in a safe and unobstructed area and keep your distance from other drivers who are driving carelessly. If you do experience bumper scuffs, remember to contact Colors On Parade to repair it as soon as possible to avoid allowing the damage to escalate further. We’ll make it like the damage never even happened!