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Commercial Services

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Service Drive

Retail customers can enjoy Colors On Parade through your service drive department. Our technicians will bring customers back to your lot on a regular basis to keep their cars looking like new.

Fleet Conditioning

Your fleet vehicles are a visual representation of your business, not only to customers but to every potential customer that sees your fleet vehicles out on the road. Dings, dents and scratches reflect poorly on your business because when people see poorly maintained fleet vehicles, they assume the service that company provides is poor as well.

Commercial RV Body Repair

But the open road can come with incidents and hazards that can cause  scratches and fiberglass damage to your customers’ RVs. If left unaddressed, those scratches and fiberglass damages can lead to deeper damage like rust and corrosion to the body of the RV.

CarLove Recon Advantage

The CarLove Recon Advantage Program puts you back in control by simplifying processes, eliminating risks and fixing costs for dealerships. Certified technicians provide high quality repairs while corporate support offers consistent pricing and centralized business services. With CarLove, your reconditioning can become a fixed operations profit center.