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Atlanta Alloy Wheel Repair

Premier Atlanta, GA Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Alloy wheels are a popular option among car lovers. These wheels are composed of a mixture of metals, often aluminum or magnesium. 

While aesthetically pleasing, these wheels are also susceptible to damage, and any type of damaged wheels can significantly hinder the appearance (and in some cases, the functionality) of your vehicle.

If you paid good money investing in alloy wheels, the last thing you want to see is a scratched or bent wheel. The unfortunate reality is that, sometimes, wheel damage is inevitable. 

Whether your wheels are damaged in an accident or if they suffer some curb rash, our alloy wheel repair specialists in Atlanta have a solution.

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If you have a small to medium-sized area of damage on your vehicle, including damaged alloy wheels, our auto body repair technicians at CarLove by Colors on Parade are here to help. 

Our fast, affordable, eco-friendly alloy wheel repair services will have your wheels looking brand-new in no time.

To learn more about the services our alloy wheel repair specialists offer, give CarLove Atlanta a call at (904) 955-7750 today!

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Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Services Brought To You

By now, you’re probably wondering what makes us different from every other repair service or body shop. One of the biggest benefits we offer is convenience. 

Rather than taking your vehicle in for repairs and waiting days for the finished product, our technicians come straight to you. That way, you don’t have to pencil in a lengthy repair job into your schedule.

Mobile auto body and wheel repair is the way of the future, and we intend to pave the way for it. With our mobile technicians, you save both time and money by avoiding expensive body shops. 

Alloy rim repair at other body shops or dealerships could take days – maybe even weeks – because they’re typically busy repairing much more serious damage to other cars. 

CarLove Atlanta will have your rims looking brand new with a factory finish after a same-day repair.

At CarLove, we proudly service both individuals and commercial businesses in the Atlanta area. Whether it’s a personal or company vehicle that needs a facelift, our alloy wheel repair specialists will have your wheels repaired in no time. 

Our mobile services are available for all clients, meaning we’ll come to you whether you’re at work, at home, or anywhere in between.

CarLove Atlanta services not only Atlanta, but also surrounding areas like Decatur, Brookhaven, Vikings, East Point, Conley, Ellenwood, and more. Call today to set up an appointment!

What Causes Alloy Wheel Damage?

Even the most cautious drivers can have wheel damage, whether it’s from hitting a curb, getting in an accident, or encountering debris. Scratches, cracks, and bent wheels can happen to anyone at any time. At CarLove Atlanta, we’ve seen it all – and fixed it all!

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EcoSMART Repairs For All Your Dings, Dents, Scuffs, and Scrapes

Our team prioritizes fast, affordable wheel repair services that don’t create unnecessary waste. Rather than ditching the damaged rims for new wheels, you can save money and lessen your carbon footprint with our EcoSMART system. Our Small to Medium Area Repair Technology system has both economic and environmental value by:

  • Reducing waste by focusing repairs on the smallest possible area
  • Meeting EPA standards by using low volumes of paint containing no heavy metals and trapping debris with a tarp containment system
  • Operating with energy efficiency by using less electricity, having less material waste, and producing less harmful emissions

Our Atlanta alloy wheel repair specialists receive ongoing training and are certified with EPA compliance laws. By choosing CarLove by Colors on Parade, you can make both your wallet and the environment happy with your wheel repair.

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Repair

So, what are the benefits of repairing an alloy wheel over replacing it? That’s easy. It is far more cost-effective to repair minor scratches, dents, and dings than to replace a part over a small blemish. 

You also save time by not having to order a part and wait for it to come in. Our mobile technicians will meet you just about anywhere for alloy wheel repair as well as other cosmetic repairs.

We’ll have you back on the road with factory-finish wheels faster than the competition without emptying your wallet in the process.

How Does Alloy Wheel Repair Work

How Does Alloy Wheel Repair Work?

Our alloy wheel repair specialists at CarLove Atlanta have extensive training in rim repair and restoration. 

When we meet with you, we will assess your needs and conduct a thorough examination of your damaged wheels. From there, we begin with cleaning the wheels to show the full extent of the damage.

Then, we wrap the area around the damage to protect the rest of the wheel. Some projects require sanding, while others require filling in chipped or cracked areas. In more severe cases, welding may be necessary for the repair.

We will finish the repair by priming the repaired area and using custom coloring solutions to match the rest of the wheel. The coloring techniques we use can involve paint or a powder coating, depending on your preference. 

In the end, your wheels will look good as new with a factory finish shine. You may even forget there was ever damage there in the first place!

Why Choose CarLove Atlanta?

Many people choose traditional auto body repair shops for minor vehicle repairs. While this is a perfectly sound decision, CarLove by Colors on Parade has even better solutions. Traditional body shops often focus on repairing major damage from car collisions. 

This means they have a packed schedule with a lot of work to do on each car. You may end up waiting days, possibly weeks, for a simple repair. 

At CarLove, our mobile alloy wheel repair specialists can meet you wherever you are for a same-day repair or restoration. This saves you both time and money in the long run.

What’s more, CarLove also brings the added benefit of eco-friendliness to the table. Rim repair, updating faded paint, wheel straightening, and other minor fixes shouldn’t take longer than a day or cost an arm and a leg. 

Our mobile specialists eliminate the cons of traditional repair shops and insurance claims, so you can rest easy knowing we’re faster and cheaper than the alternative.

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Check Out Our Other Mobile Auto Body Repair Services

Need repairs to areas other than your wheels? We’ve got you covered! A few of our other popular auto body services include:

Atlanta Scratch & Dent Removal

Small scratches and dents are common, but they can be a real eyesore on your vehicle. We’ll have those blemishes buffed out in no time.

Atlanta Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the quickest, least intrusive, and most affordable option for repairing vehicle dents. If you have a dent with no paint chipping, this is the best option for restoring your vehicle to a factory finish at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.

Atlanta Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights looking foggy, blurry, or dimmer than they used to? CarLove offers mobile headlight restoration that will bring back the brightness and clarity of your headlights for a fraction of the cost.

Atlanta RV Fiberglass & Paint Repair

We also offer paint and fiberglass repair services for RVs. Whether you’re setting out on a cross-country adventure or a weekend road trip, it’s important for your RV to be in tip-top shape. Our technicians will come to you and ensure that your RV is road trip ready before it ever leaves your driveway.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Services in the Greater Atlanta Area

If you’re in need of small repairs to your vehicle and you don’t want to waste time or money, CarLove by Colors on Parade has you covered. We offer a wide range of vehicle and wheel repair services to individuals and commercial businesses across the Atlanta metro area.

For fast, affordable, eco-friendly wheel repair, call the professional technicians at CarLove Atlanta.